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Michel Gandilhon propose un hommage à Alain Labrousse. J’en souligne quelques éléments, la coca comme étendard du réveil du monde indien et la cocaïne comme drogue-symbole des années du néolibéralisme, les politiques instrumentalisant les drogues pour disqualifier les « ennemis politiques » et masquer de classiques intérêts de domination, l’impact des phénomènes criminels liés au trafic de drogues…

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Quelle: Big Nicotine, Part I: Big Tobacco’s Drug Problem

Nicotine is not the problem, even it’s addictive. You get cancer from the inhalation of tar!

Points: The Blog of the Alcohol & Drugs History Society

Just over a week ago, the United States Food and Drug Administration announced what new FDA chief Dr. Scott Gottileb called “a cornerstone of our new and more comprehensive approach to effective tobacco regulation”: an initiative to reduce the nicotine content in cigarettes to “minimally or nonaddictive” levels. The 2009 Tobacco Control Act gave FDA authority to reduce any “additives, constituents…, or other component of a tobacco product.”

Obama Tobacco President Barack Obama signing the Tobacco Control Act

Public health historian Robert Proctor was thrilled. “This is exceptionally good news for tobacco control, and for human health,” he wrote last week in the New York Times. Not so for companies like Altria and British American Tobacco, whose stock value fell within an hour of the statement (and recovered somewhat before the closing bell).

Big Tobacco was reeling for good reason: nicotine is the primary addictive component of cigarette smoking, not incidentally…

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Quelle: Wily Bo Walker

I love Bo:

Megastar Gongle

‚…and here’s to you, my sorry friends!
And here’s to you,
may your laughter never, ever end.

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I first heard Wily Bo on Steve Luff’s show. Now Gongle isn’t easily impressed as you will know unless it’s by a mirror…….I do love mirrors, especially full length ones, yes mirrors are truly a thing of beauty. I could gaze at a mirror all day……ahem, err now where was I? Oh yes Wily Bo Walker…….

When I heard his track on Steve’s radio show I did something I’d never done before, I contacted him before the track had ended and asked him if he’d like to be a Hidden Gem. I was delighted when he agreed ….. but then why wouldn’t he? Everybody wants to be a hidden gem!

Now, Wily Bo originates from Glasgow so I wore a kilt for the interview ….. not the wisest choice when…

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